• soSIMPLE Calendar Builder 25% off August 12, 2013  soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at 25% off Buy soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at a discount AND get a free upgrade to the next version. soSIMPLE Calendar Builder, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have full edit access to your calendar from ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at 25% off one week only July 15, 2012Get the soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at a huge discount this week only. soSIMPLE Calendar Builder, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have full edit access to your calendar from many devices. Working in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go? ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Builder version 1.4 June 25, 2012Paradise Partners, Inc. and soSIMPLE Software announce the release today of soSIMPLE Calendar Builder version 1.4. Calendar Builder 1.4 adds the following features: FileMaker 12 compatibility Client-side scripting from FileMaker Go 12 (no plug-in required) Brighter Weekly & Day view New Weekly Agenda view Custom formatted tooltips JavaScript injection QR code to more easily test & roll out to mobile devices See the Change ...
  • soSIMPLE in Philly tomorrow! June 25, 2012We’ll be showing off soSIMPLE’s Calendar Builder at tomorrow’s Philadelphia FileMaker User Group at their main office. We’ve got a few new cool features we’ll be sharing from our upcoming release – a full mobile UI for the smartphones and such, and custom fields for publishing your calendar on the web. Here’s the details: Tuesday, June 26 at ...
  • soSIMPLE demoing in CT, Wed, April 18 April 17, 2012We’re at it again. We’ll be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar twice tomorrow, at two locations in Connecticut: - At 10:00am, we’ll be at the Connecticut FileMaker Developers’ Group (CFDG). It’s happening at the Student Center at the Central CT State College in New Britain, CT. Here’s the announcement and a map. - Then at 2:00pm we’re heading to the University ...
  • New FileMaker 12 Delivers Breakthrough Design Features for Creating Stunning Databases April 4, 2012FileMaker today announces a huge new upgrade of their entire FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server, for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone/iPod. Read their press release here. And all the new features here. The upgrade to FileMaker 12 represents the FileMaker platform embracing and leveraging more modern and industry standard techniques. For example, by ...
  • soSIMPLE demoing in NYC, Thurs, April 5 April 2, 2012Ken d’Oronzio from Paradise Partners, Inc will be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar at the New York FileMaker Pro Developer’s Group on Thursday, April 5, 2012. We’ll be showing off some of the cool new features of the calendar, and a bit of what’s to come. Even if you’ve seen the calendar before, I think you’ll really want to ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 for FileMaker Pro & Go October 12, 2011Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 soSIMPLE Calendar is a drag & drop asynchronous calendar interface for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, traditional web, and mobile devices. It offers developers the ability to add a feature-rich, multi-platform completely customizable calendar to any FileMaker-based solution. Version 1.2 fixes some bugs, enhances some features, and ...
  • soSIMPLE at NJFMPUG October 4, 2011We had the opportunity to demonstrate soSIMPLE Calendar to the NJ FileMaker user group. The event went very well – there seemed to be a lot of excitement around the software, especially around the ability to quickly roll out new calendars on multiple platforms & devices. Agnes at ZeroBlue Technology Solutions did a beautiful write-up of ...
  • Announcing soSIMPLE Calendar August 8, 2011You haven’t seen a FileMaker calendar like this before. Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar, the drag and drop calendar for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, web and mobile devices. We will present an informal demonstration at a DevCon “Unconference” on Thursday morning at 9:00 am, room Aqua 308. By harnessing FileMaker’s web viewer ...

  • New Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Commercial Attacks Apple for iPhone 6 Plus September 14, 2014
    Samsung has introduced a new ad for its upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4, talking about how the company first introduced the Galaxy Note series in 2011 and popularized the "phablet" form factor while calling out Apple for making the similarly sized iPhone 6 Plus three years later.

    The ad begins recounting the history of the Galaxy Note before talking about some of the features of the device, like multi-window multitas... read more
  • Be very careful when you sign up for one of Time Warner Cable’s two-year promotions September 14, 2014
    Recently, a Time Warner Cable customer who had signed up for one of the company’s two-year offers was surprised to see their cable bill jump by $15 per month after just one year. After making multiple calls to Time Warner Cable to ask why their bill had increased from the rate they thought that they’d locked in for two years, they were told that TWC reserved the right to increase their rates after the first year of the ... read more
  • Meet Strati, the first 3D printed car in the world September 14, 2014
    While some people have successfully 3D printed buildings, others have taken the same approach to the car manufacturing business, as a company has just come out with a car called the Strati that’s the first 3D-printed car in the world. Scientific American reveals that it took Local Motors only 45 hours to build the Strati, a two-seater “neighborhood” electric car that has a range of up to 120 miles and a maximum speed of 40 ... read more
  • iPhone 6 Begins Shipping to Customers for Sept 19th Delivery September 13, 2014
    Apple began accepting pre-orders for the iPhone 6 on Friday, September 12th. The first of those orders are beginning to ship to customers. Verizon sent notices to customers today with tracking numbers for their early orders.

    iphone-6-shipmentsread more
  • Researchers may have discovered the best way to quit smoking yet: Taking magic mushrooms September 13, 2014
    We’ve heard all kinds of crazy ways to quit smoking but none of them have ever come close to sounding this trippy. Bloomberg reports that a new study published in The Journal of Psychopharmacology this week found that smokers who had long had trouble quitting their habit managed to remain smoke-free for six months using a highly unorthodox method: Consuming the active ingredient in magic mushrooms. RELATED: Science just gave us an... read more
  • Tim Cook: We’re working on products ‘that haven’t been rumored yet’ September 13, 2014
    Apple has several more tricks up its sleeve and they apparently have nothing to do with the long-fabled “iTV” that one always-wrong analyst keeps telling us is just around the corner. Per Re/code, Apple CEO Tim Cook told Charlie Rose on Friday that “there are products we’re working on that no one knows about, yes — that haven’t been rumored about yet.” While Cook would obviously not go into any detai... read more
  • Shipping Estimates for iPhone 6 Pre-Orders Slipping to 7-10 Days September 12, 2014
    Pre-order supplies of the iPhone 6 in the United States have dwindled significantly since pre-orders kicked off last night, with most models of the device now displaying shipping estimates of 7 to 10 days. The new shipping estimates mean customers who place an order now will likely be receiving their phones in October rather than Sep... read more
  • It’s absolutely remarkable how badly people want the iPhone 6 September 12, 2014
    If it hasn’t been made clear from the sheer volume of articles we’ve posted on the topic in the last 24 hours, a lot of people tried to order the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus last night. So many, in fact, that some sites and networks began to cave under the pressure of the hundreds of thousands of anxious Apple fans hoping to get in line before the first batch sold out. PREVIOUSLY: Apple confirms iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus crushed earlier preo... read more
  • It sounds like HBO is getting ready to drop a bomb on the cable industry September 12, 2014
    Apple fans aren’t the only ones who have had an exciting week for news — cord cutters now have reason to cheer as well. Quartz reports that Jeff Bewkes, the CEO of HBO parent company Time Warner, told an investment conference this week that his company is “seriously considering” whether it wants to start offering HBO Go as a standalone subscription option that people can subscribe to without having cable TV. Whil... read more
  • Samsung doesn’t want regulators to see the Galaxy Note 4 as a medical device September 12, 2014
    Samsung may have an unexpected Galaxy Note 4 launch problem on its hands, as authorities in certain markets may look at the recently announced smartphone as a medical device, thanks to the multiple built-in sensors that allow users to measure certain health-related parameters. ZDNet Korea says the Korean Ministry of Food and Drug Safety revealed that Samsung requested the Galaxy Note 4 not to be treated as a medical device, in order to ... read more
  • Apple, Square Acquisition Talks Went South Over $3B Offer [Update: Nope] September 12, 2014
    393788_largerEarlier this year, Apple and Square were rumored to be in talks over a possible acquisition, but no deal materialized. According to a new report from read more
  • This is the next big frontier for Apple Pay September 12, 2014
    Announced during the iPhone 6 event, Apple Pay represents Apple’s new take on contactless mobile payments, but the exclusive iPhone and Apple Watch feature will only be available to users starting in October (iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus) and in early 2015 (Apple Watch and supported iPhones that can be connected to the wearable device). And there’s another huge catch: the service will roll out to U.S. customers only ... read more
  • High-End 18-Karat Gold Apple Watch Could Cost Up to $1,200 September 12, 2014
    The Edition version of Apple's 18-karat gold Apple Watch could cost around $1,200, reports TechCrunch. The site consulted with "jewelers familiar with the material" Apple uses for the Apple Watch Edition, basing an estima... read more
  • Forget emojis, get ready for the animated GIF iOS 8 keyboard September 12, 2014
    Starting with iOS 8, users will finally be allowed to install custom keyboard apps and replace the default iOS 8 keyboard Apple is offering. Amid the plethora of Android keyboard apps that are anxious to make the jump to iOS, including some very popular apps ready to launch in the App Store, you’ll find PopKey, an app that will help your friends flood your messages with GIF files. FROM EARLIER: Awesome Android keyboard coming to i... read more
  • Tim Cook Speaks on Steve Jobs, Apple's Interest in TV, and Beats Acquisition in New Interview September 12, 2014
    Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke with Charlie Rose in a two-part interview, and the first segment is airing today. In a series of video clips, Tim Cook talks about Steve Jobs, Apple's Beats Electronics acquisition, the Apple TV, and Apple's plans for the future.

    In the first clip, Cook again comments on Steve Jobs' ongoing influence at Apple, saying Jobs is in his heart and deep in Apple's DNA. "His spirit will always be the foundation of the co... read more
  • CA-CHING, CA-CHING, CA-CHING! Apple will keep 0.15% of everything you buy with Apple Pay September 12, 2014
    Ca-ching, ca-ching, ca-ching! That’s the sound that’s ringing through Apple executives’ heads when they think about the millions of consumers who will soon be using their iPhone 6’s to pay things using the new Apple Pay platform. MacRumors points us to a new report in The Financial Times that explains how Apple will keep a 0.15% cut of every purchase you make with Apple Pay. LEARN MORE: Apple unveils Apple Pay, its bold ne... read more
  • Apple Pay Details: Apple Gets 0.15% Cut of Purchases, Higher Rates for Bluetooth Payments September 12, 2014
    Apple's ambitious new mobile payment initiative, Apple Pay, was announced on Tuesday during the company's iPhone event. Many questions still linger about the service, but information is beginning to trickle out from various sources as retailers, banks, and credit card companies prepare for the service's October launch.

    According to a new report from read more
  • U2's 'Songs of Innocence' Downloaded 2 Million Times After Promotion [iOS Blog] September 12, 2014
    Earlier this week at its media event, Apple announced that it would be partnering with rock group U2 to offer its new "Songs of Innocence" album to 500 million iTunes customers for free. However, the deal upset some users who did not want the album added to their accounts or automatically downloaded in some instances. Now, Re/code read more
  • Apple Pushes iCloud Photo Library Back to Beta as SMS Continuity Delayed to October September 12, 2014
    Though iCloud Photo Library was available during the iOS 8 beta testing period, Apple appears to have demoted it to beta status and removed it from the iOS 8 golden master, the software that will be distributed to the public next week.

    Apple has also stripped mentions of iCloud Photo Library from its iCloud preview page, where it used to be prominently featured at... read more
  • Buyer's Guide: Deals on 2014 Retina MacBook Pro, Bolt Battery Charger, Dragon Dictate 4, and More [Mac Blog] September 12, 2014
    This week's Buyer's Guide has deals on the 2013/2014 Retina MacBook Pro, the 2013 MacBook Air, the Mac Pro, and several Apple accessories.

    The deals on Macs aren't as significant as they have been in past weeks, and with Apple's back to school program over, prospective buyers may have to do some shopping around to get a good discount. Best Buy, however, is read more