• soSIMPLE Calendar Builder 25% off August 12, 2013  soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at 25% off Buy soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at a discount AND get a free upgrade to the next version. soSIMPLE Calendar Builder, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have full edit access to your calendar from ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at 25% off one week only July 15, 2012Get the soSIMPLE Calendar Builder at a huge discount this week only. soSIMPLE Calendar Builder, the zippy-drag-and-drop-auto-resize-completely-customizable-so-you-can-use-in-FileMaker®-and-everywhere-else Calendar is a FileMaker Server-based super power calendar that you can easily add to your FileMaker app. Among many features is the ability to have full edit access to your calendar from many devices. Working in FileMaker Pro or FileMaker Go? ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar Builder version 1.4 June 25, 2012Paradise Partners, Inc. and soSIMPLE Software announce the release today of soSIMPLE Calendar Builder version 1.4. Calendar Builder 1.4 adds the following features: FileMaker 12 compatibility Client-side scripting from FileMaker Go 12 (no plug-in required) Brighter Weekly & Day view New Weekly Agenda view Custom formatted tooltips JavaScript injection QR code to more easily test & roll out to mobile devices See the Change ...
  • soSIMPLE in Philly tomorrow! June 25, 2012We’ll be showing off soSIMPLE’s Calendar Builder at tomorrow’s Philadelphia FileMaker User Group at their main office. We’ve got a few new cool features we’ll be sharing from our upcoming release – a full mobile UI for the smartphones and such, and custom fields for publishing your calendar on the web. Here’s the details: Tuesday, June 26 at ...
  • soSIMPLE demoing in CT, Wed, April 18 April 17, 2012We’re at it again. We’ll be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar twice tomorrow, at two locations in Connecticut: - At 10:00am, we’ll be at the Connecticut FileMaker Developers’ Group (CFDG). It’s happening at the Student Center at the Central CT State College in New Britain, CT. Here’s the announcement and a map. - Then at 2:00pm we’re heading to the University ...
  • New FileMaker 12 Delivers Breakthrough Design Features for Creating Stunning Databases April 4, 2012FileMaker today announces a huge new upgrade of their entire FileMaker product line: FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go and FileMaker Server, for Mac, Windows, iPad and iPhone/iPod. Read their press release here. And all the new features here. The upgrade to FileMaker 12 represents the FileMaker platform embracing and leveraging more modern and industry standard techniques. For example, by ...
  • soSIMPLE demoing in NYC, Thurs, April 5 April 2, 2012Ken d’Oronzio from Paradise Partners, Inc will be demonstrating soSIMPLE Calendar at the New York FileMaker Pro Developer’s Group on Thursday, April 5, 2012. We’ll be showing off some of the cool new features of the calendar, and a bit of what’s to come. Even if you’ve seen the calendar before, I think you’ll really want to ...
  • soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 for FileMaker Pro & Go October 12, 2011Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar 1.2 soSIMPLE Calendar is a drag & drop asynchronous calendar interface for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, traditional web, and mobile devices. It offers developers the ability to add a feature-rich, multi-platform completely customizable calendar to any FileMaker-based solution. Version 1.2 fixes some bugs, enhances some features, and ...
  • soSIMPLE at NJFMPUG October 4, 2011We had the opportunity to demonstrate soSIMPLE Calendar to the NJ FileMaker user group. The event went very well – there seemed to be a lot of excitement around the software, especially around the ability to quickly roll out new calendars on multiple platforms & devices. Agnes at ZeroBlue Technology Solutions did a beautiful write-up of ...
  • Announcing soSIMPLE Calendar August 8, 2011You haven’t seen a FileMaker calendar like this before. Paradise Partners, Inc. announces the immediate release of soSIMPLE Calendar, the drag and drop calendar for FileMaker Pro, FileMaker Go, web and mobile devices. We will present an informal demonstration at a DevCon “Unconference” on Thursday morning at 9:00 am, room Aqua 308. By harnessing FileMaker’s web viewer ...

  • A leak may have just revealed the Galaxy S6’s most important feature December 18, 2014
    After failing to reach objectives this year, at least when it comes to smartphone sales and profits, Samsung appears to be determined to finally reinvent itself. The company has already started working on new handset designs, looking to improve the overall build quality of its smartphones. As it turns out, this may be a process that culminates with next year’s Galaxy S6 flagship, a phone that’s supposed to be designed from the ground ... read more
  • Apple Pay marches toward the future with big new launch December 18, 2014
    After launching it in the U.S. as a limited iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus feature — as it needs certain hardware components to work — Apple Pay has quickly become a success product for the company, surpassing in popularity similar mobile payments solutions that have been available to some smartphone users for years. Unsurprisingly, Apple doesn’t want to limit Apple Pay support to iPhone 6 units sold in the U.S., and the company pla... read more
  • AMAZING: Amazon's Prime Now service delivers your order in one hour December 18, 2014
    Remember that string of companies like Kozmo.com that popped up in the late 1990s and offered same-day delivery service on thousands of items? The cost of running those operations quickly put them all out of business, but thin margins are Amazon’s specialty and the company just launched a service that puts those old companies to shame. It’s called Prime Now, and it offers delivery of your order within one hour. Powered by Am... read more
  • U.S. believes North Korea is responsible for Sony hack after all December 18, 2014
    Sony Pictures was in late November the target of a massive cyber attack, which not only exposed a significant amount of internal data, but also forced the company to pull the controversial The Interview comedy from theaters, after receiving further threats from the hackers responsible. Even though North Korea, which was initially believed to be behind the hack because of its resent for this particular movie, denied involvement more than once, The... read more
  • OnePlus celebrates milestone with a fantastic new accessory that’s also affordable December 17, 2014
    OnePlus, the maker of the OnePlus One, announced several special offers for its customers on Wednesday in celebration of its one-year anniversary, including a brand new smartphone external battery that’s also extremely affordable. FROM EARLIER: Leak: This is the next smartphone from OnePlus, makers of 2014’s most exciting Android phone The OnePlus Power Bank promises to offer users an additional 10,000 mAh of portable battery juice, f... read more
  • Sony has sold more than 16 million PS4 consoles December 17, 2014
    Microsoft stole the spotlight earlier this month after announcing that the Xbox One had finally topped the PlayStation 4 for the month of November in the U.S and the U.K., but based on the latest data from VGChartz, Sony wasn’t far behind. VGChartz reports that Sony sold 1,193,346 PlayStation 4 consoles during the week of Black Friday alone, bringing total lifetime sales to over 16 million. FROM EARLIER: PS4 expected to ... read more
  • Apple's (Product) RED Holiday Campaign Raised $20 Million to Fight AIDS December 17, 2014
    For this year's World AIDS Day campaign, Apple ran several (Product) RED promotions, providing a (RED) section in the App Store and donating a portion of all retail and online sales from Friday, November 28 and Monday, December 1.

    According to an email Apple CEO Tim Cook sent out to Apple employees (via read more
  • Facebook will now automatically enhance your mobile photos December 17, 2014
    The photos you upload straight from your phone to Facebook typically aren’t works of art, but starting this week, you don’t have to worry about tinkering with them to make them look better. TechCrunch reports that Facebook is now automatically enhancing photos uploaded on iOS devices, with Android soon to follow. FROM EARLIER: These were the 10 most discussed topics on Facebook in 2014 Don’t worry — you’ll ... read more
  • Job Listing Confirms Apple Pay Expansion is Underway, Led by London Team December 17, 2014
    Apple's newly introduced payment initiative Apple Pay is currently only available in the United States, but the company has said that it is "working hard" to bring the feature to additional countries.

    A new job listing for an Apple Pay Intern ... read more
  • Microsoft has some great deals for Xbox 360 owners December 17, 2014
    After including a special Xbox One bundle package in its 12 Days of Deals sales a few days ago, Microsoft now offers gamers looking for the previous-generation console a hot deal, selling the Xbox 360 for just $149.99, $30 less than its regular $179.99 price, and letting buyers also choose a free game to go with it. FROM EARLIER: 3 great limited-time Amazon deals you won’t want to miss Even more interestingly, depending on what Xbox 360 ver... read more
  • Backup File Clone with FileMaker Server December 17, 2014
    How do you save a clone as part of a backup schedule?read more
  • Judge Rules Steve Jobs Deposition Video Will Not See Public Release December 17, 2014
    jobs_poseThe Steve Jobs deposition video that played a key role in the iPod antitrust trial Apple faced in court last week will not see a public release, ruled by District Court Judge Yvonne Gonzalez Rogers.

    In a ... read more
  • 1.5 million Windows 10 testers can’t wait to get rid of Windows 8 December 17, 2014
    It’s no secret that Windows 8 hasn’t exactly been Microsoft’s most successful operating system, but the company is looking to turn things around next year with the release of Windows 10. According to the latest update on the Windows blog, over 1.5 million users are now registered for Windows Insider. Even more impressive: 450,000 of them are “highly active” on Windows 10. READ MORE: New Windows 10 build lea... read more
  • Use of variables in scripted find requests December 17, 2014

    Can you use variables in Find requests?

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  • Automation in FileMaker Pro - Overview and Troubleshooting December 17, 2014
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  • The fastest smartphone keyboard in the world has just got its biggest update yet December 17, 2014
    Fleksy, currently the world’s fastest smartphone keyboard, on Wednesday announced a massive update for both its iOS and Android versions of the app. The update includes a variety of new features, including several new theme options (complete with Frozen and Hunger Games branded options), and, most importantly, customizable extensions that’ll make both the iOS and the Android Fleksy apps a lot more interesting. FROM EARLIER: Video... read more
  • Identifying key text in your layouts using text highlight December 17, 2014
    How do you apply a highlight color to your text?read more
  • Data entry tips December 17, 2014
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  • Working with data in Table View December 17, 2014
    How do you create, modify, and delete fields in Table view?read more
  • Optimizing Mobile Solutions December 17, 2014
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