what you always wanted to know about soSIMPLE Calendar

What are the system requirements for soSIMPLE Calendar?

  • FileMaker Server 12 or above, including FileMaker Server 13
  • FileMaker Pro 12 or above
  • FileMaker Go 12 or above (optional)


Why do you require FileMaker Server?

When we created soSIMPLE Calendar, we set out to create the most powerful and responsive calendar possible. By hosting on FileMaker Server, we gain a few significant advantages:

  • Background Processing
    We can do a lot of our work in the background. By using a web viewer connected to the server, we can use AJAX technology to edit and save events. This speeds up the drawing of your calendar by just speaking with the server regarding specific calendar events, and by allowing you to continue your work in FileMaker without waiting for the calendar to redraw.
  • Modern Behavior
    We can use JavaScript and PHP with your web viewer to give you a real drag & drop experience, along with some other web-based techniques, like CSS themes. But don’t worry – that all happens in the background. You don’t need to do ANY coding.
  • Write-once/Deploy anywhere
    We can leverage your calendar by allowing the same exact calendar to be used on the web, on your iPad, and on any other device that supports html.


Do you provide a demo or trial version?


You can try soSIMPLE Calendar live without even downloading anything. Just go to our “Try It Now” page. You can try Server-Side Async right from the browser, or you can open the Client-Side Scripting example right in FileMaker Pro.

Or, to try it on your own server, download soSIMPLE Calendar from the “Try it Now” page. This is the full product with no expiration, time limits, or other limitations. The only difference is that all calendars have a watermark that shows the product is yet to be registered. When you decide to purchase, you just register the software, and continue using it.


Do I need plug-ins to use your calendar?

Yes & No.

soSIMPLE provides you with the mighty MBS Plugin.

  • MBS Plugin is used  within Calendar Builder for things like Registration and copying your custom scripts and layout objects to the clipboard.
  • MBS Plugin can also be used on FileMaker Pro-based calendars (created with “Client-Side Script” selected). Using this plugin enables you to update a single event on the calendar without having to refresh the entire calendar. The plug-in is optional for this use.
  • With that one exception, the calendars are completely functional and interactive without the plugins.
  • No plugins are used for “Server-Side Async” calendars – those typically deployed on the web or for Web Direct.

Another note about the plugin: since we install this plugin at startup, Client Side solutions should call the startup script in Calendar Builder. Our sample script does this for you.


Where’s all my calendar data?

soSIMPLE Calendar is a developer tool enabling you to put a very powerful, fast, and flexible calendar into your solution or your clients’ solutions. You bring the data, we make it easy to put a beautiful GUI into it. We do provide a sample data file to get you started. If you’d like us to roll in a more robust sample file, or a complete scheduling solution, please let us know. This is something we have been working on for individual clients, and are considering including in the product.


Do you do custom development


We built soSIMPLE Calendar to empower fellow developers with the tools to build sophisticated calendars without the need to know PHP, JavaScript, CSS, or any other web technologies. We did our best to include all the features that we think you’d need in a calendar, based the ones that we’ve built for our clients. If you need something special that we didn’t include, we’d be happy to provide custom development in FileMaker Pro, or in the soSIMPLE backend. Please contact us.


What if I need help?

We’re just an email away. Please contact us if you need any help installing or putting together your first calendar.