Paradise Partners, Inc. has implemented many extremely custom solutions designed to maximize our customers’ efficiency, and usually add value to their offerings. The return on investment on our systems are usually very high.

While this is a small group of our our projects, we hope it will give you some insight on how we may be able to help your organization achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in discussing your requirements, or would like a FREE ANALYSIS, please contact us.

  • Maps for Nearby Stores (0) March 23, 2011Our advertising customer needed to show their sales reps multiple options of the stores where they could place their signs. By using Google Maps API in a web viewer, we were able to show multiple nearby locations for the record that the FileMaker user was looking at.  
  • No Compromise E-Commerce/ No Compromise POS (0) September 27, 2010FileMaker, Inc. got wind of one of our projects, and did a write-up of it. I think it made a good write-up – this is a conceptually pretty straight forward idea, that really shows off a couple of FileMaker’s unique features. Our client, The Fest for Beatles Fans, has a very popular web store and wanted ...