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    Thanks, Ken. I purchased the server copy. I’m getting this error. I didn’t read anything about other plug ins. Did I miss something?

    “This application uses unregistered plugins from Monkeybread Software…”

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    Using soSIMPLE does not require this plugin. It will work fine if it is not on your machine.

    We do include a license to use it with our product. We install it in two instances:
    1) We install it and register it automatically when you click any of the “Copy Layout/Script/etc.” buttons.
    2) We install and register it when you call the script “startup soSIMPLE Registration & MBS Plugin loader” in the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings file. In the included solution file, we call it with a parameter “noplugin”, so the plugin doesn’t load by default. Removing the parameter will load and register the plugin for all users using the solution.

    End-users will want to use this plugin when they both (1) are in Server-Powered mode, Client-Side Scripting and (2) they want to refresh a single event in the calendar, rather than refreshing the entire calendar, after editing the event. Without the plugin, the whole web viewer refreshes. With the plugin, only the single event updates itself, making the update instantaneous.

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    You’re probably seeing this message because you loaded it automatically when setting up the calendar in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings (clicking one of the copy buttons), then (in a different session) used the soSIMPLE Calendar solution file (or your file) without calling that script (or calling it with the “noplugin” parameter).

    As a result, the MBS plugin was loaded and registered the first time you used it. But when you quit and reopened FileMaker Pro, the plugin was already loaded, but needed to be re-registered.

    We will make sure to check our registration script to always register it if it’s already installed.

    In the meantime you can either remove it from your extensions folder, or change the soSIMPLE Startup script to call the “startup soSIMPLE Registration & MBS Plugin loader” script without any parameter. That will load and register the plugin for all users.

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