Please download a copy of soSIMPLE Calendar and try it with your solution before you make your purchase. The trial version of the calendar UI is identical to the purchased version. The developer password for the file “soSIMPLE Calendar” will be sent you after purchase. (Not for the file “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings,” which is used for configuration). There are no other limitations on the trial copy. A watermark appears on the calendar until you enter your purchased serial number or if you are using it in a mode that is different than the version you purchased.

You can upgrade at any time, from one package to the next, by paying the difference in price between the two packages.

New soSIMPLE Calendar Add-on. If you’re using FileMaker 19, try out our new Calendar Add-on. Looks & feels the same – even easier to install.

  • Standalone without FileMaker Server
  • Powered by FileMaker Server
  • Total number of users
    STANDALONE LICENSE: License for single user. May be used on a single computer or iOS device. May be shared locally using FileMaker's peer-to-peer sharing with up to 5 users.

    SERVER-POWERED LICENSE: License for unlimited users on a single server within a single organization.

    GET-IT-ALL LICENSE: Server-powered license, plus unlimited users within the organization may access the same solution from standalone computers or iOS devices without being connecting to the server.

    VERTICAL MARKET LICENSE: See below for embedding soSIMPLE Calendar into your vertical-market solution.
  • Data source files
    You can have as many calendars as you would like within your solutions for a single company. And you can use as many tables in your FileMaker file as you'd like. However you're limited to 5 total files as data sources.
  • Unlocked soSIMPLE Calendar starter file
  • Use in FileMaker Pro & FileMaker Go
    Use in:
    • FileMaker Pro in Mac & Windows
    • FileMaker Go on an iPad and iPhone

    Special smartphone templates to simplify use on your smartphone
  • Use on your website
    Use in:
    • FileMaker WebDirect or
    • On your website WITHOUT WebDirect
  • Use on Android, iOS and other smartphone & tablets
    Use in built-in web browsers on:
    • Android phones & tablets
    • iOS phones & tablets
    • Windows phones & tablets
    • Blackberry phone & tablets

    Special smartphone templates to simplify use on your smartphone
    Add a web app to your device's desktop
  • Subscribe to your calendar from Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple Calendar, Office 365
    Subscribe to your calendar from any calendar that supports iCal feeds
  • Advanced features
    • dynamic event updating
    • iCal overlays
    • multiple data sources
    • web apps
    • more...
  • Famous 5-minute Integration
    Designed for easy integration with your own solution:
  • Free upgrades for 1 year
  • Single, one-time purchase

FileMaker 19 Add-on
NEW! includes WebDirect & Cloud

See Link
See Link
  • Unlimited within an organization
  • -
  • Uses FileMaker WebDirect
  • Subscribe to your calendar from any calendar that supports iCal feeds
  • Even Faster!
  • 6 months

includes CWP & iCal

  • Unlimited within an organization
  • 5

Get It All

  • Unlimited within an organization
    License for unlimited users on a single server within a single organization.
  • 5

soSIMPLE Upgrades

soSIMPLE comes with a full year of free FREE upgrades.

After that, you have six months to purchase an upgrade at 50% off. Enter your installation key here to see what upgrades you qualify for:

  • Enter your installation key exactly as you did when you installed your software.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Full integration service

Let us install, configure and integrate soSIMPLE into your solution for you.

We’ll take care of your integration. You provide us remote access to your server (and PHP hosting if it’s different) and we’ll install the files you need, we’ll connect soSIMPLE Calendar Settings to your solution, and we’ll create a calendar and the necessary scripts in your solution. Includes resources in most situations, and map scheduling if you’re already using locations. We’ll even use this opportunity as a tutorial if you want to work together (note: includes a single configuration for either client-side scripting or server-side async. This price doesn’t include complicated resource configuration, first-time setup of locations, customizations, etc. 3 hrs maximum).

Full Integration Service –  Contact Us $550

Vertical Market License

Same as “Get It All” above – both Standalone & Server-Powered mode with complete feature set. License allows you to implement in a single solution for as many clients as you’d like. Additional solutions require additional licenses.

Vertical Market Full Suite –  Contact Us $3500