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    I have recently bought the server mode only version of so simple calendars.
    I use FMP Hosts for my filemaker server provider and i checked with them that So Simple would work on their server.
    They have assured me it will and i have been working with them to get this far.

    However i don’t seem to be able to finish a setting or a setup in some way as I don’t get to see a calendar in the settings file or the datafile when they are hosted on the sever, locally i can see previews with a water mark saying this version isn’t support, which is expect as that would be standalone mode.

    So I am running filemaker advanced 14, the server is running filemaker server 14 in London.

    I have uploaded the settings file and the calendar file from the download to the server.
    Changed the config and manager passwords so i know them and i can access both files remotely.

    I am hosting the php files on a FMP host web service and the URL to my php page is
    and it is showing as working. (xxx=filemaker server)

    So sorry but i am a little stuck on where to look for the error in my way from here.

    FMP host have said from their side everything looks good, PHP is enable and the plugin is already on the server.
    The PHP files look to the connected
    the config php file looks like this

    	$database = "soSIMPLE Calendar Settings";
    	$host = "";
    	$user = "web";
    	$password = "web";
    	$utc = false;
    	$cachedir = 'cache/'; // Directory to cache files (must be read/write)

    I assume i am not missing the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings file as suggested in the instructions and this is in fact a legacy instruction that isn’t relevant to version 3?

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    Thank you for your purchase & for reaching out to us. I’m happy to help.

    You are correct that some of the instructions on the landing page is legacy instructions. The reference to “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings” and the two calendar links – to FMPro & to the sample web calendar – don’t work correctly. That will be fixed in the next release in the next couple of days. You will need to open soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.fmp12 to see the calendar rendering.

    After speaking with FMPHost, the one thing we discovered is that the FileMaker class file (the standalone PHP class supplied by FileMaker) is not included in their web publishing class and must be copied to the soSIMPLE directory, or to somewhere else in their class path.

    They should be able to take care of this for you. Please let me know if you have any trouble with this, and I can see if we can get you that class file.

    If this is not the issue, please let me know so we can resolve this for you.

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    Hi Ken –

    FMP Host sent me a file called FileMaker.php and a folder called FileMaker. I put them in my soSIMPLE folder on their web host.

    And now I get previews showing in the settings file, hooray!

    Thanks for your help.

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