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    Anders Thorssell


    I successfully managed to get a test calendar file working (creating new calendar events by clicking on a date), and they do show up in the web viewer calendar.

    Problem no 1: When adding a new calendar table to a working solution, the calendar is showing and the script seems to be working as I’m able to add events – however, they don’t show up in the calendar.

    Problem no 2: despite trying to follow every instruction here regarding European date format, I’m still getting “?” in the date and time fields.

    It feels like I’m so close…! Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.

    I’m using fmphost.

    Kind regards,


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    Hi Anders –

    These may both be the same problem – the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings > Options > Date Format doesn’t match the date format of your file. The date format of the file is set when the file is created and when a clone is made.

    Test those two issues (especially the second one) when the date format is American, then when it’s European.

    What is your system date format look like? Where are you located?

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