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    William Jarvis

    Good Afternoon,

    Since using soSimple Calendar (which is great by the way), clients have been receiving request Filemaker Error code 812 (Host exceeded capacity).

    After checking the admin console, we can see multiple logins under the same user sosimple-php.

    Is this the expected behaviour as we do utilise PSOS scripts in our system and until launch day of the calendar, we had not experienced error 812.

    Any thoughts around this would be appreciated.


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    Thank you William.

    Are you receiving this message in the Calendar’s web viewer? Or when a new person tries to log in? Or getting them back from PSOS calls?

    I do not believe that’s related to soSIMPLE and definitely does not have to do with licensing – any time I’ve seen the 812 error, it’s coming from script sessions on the FileMaker Server (either from PSOS or Scheduled Scripts). Have you adjusted the number of scripts that can be run on the server console?


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