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    William Jarvis

    When viewing the calendar is it possible to extract the current date being viewed to we can utilise it in Filemaker as a variable?

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    William Jarvis

    I can see that using the MBS plugins allows us to extract it on trigger event, but we use the mini cal and left and right buttons to move through the calendar and would like to know what date we are currently viewing without the need to interact with an actual calendar event.

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    Actually, MBS isn’t used at all for that purpose. The only thing we use MBS for is refreshing a single event at a time, instead of redrawing the entire web viewer.

    You can get the current date and the current view at any time by using the following function:


    The end of the URL – everything after the hash tag (#) will show the current date and the current view in this format:


    This section of the URL is updated automatically as you navigate the calendar. See here for more information about that format:

    Jump to a specific date or calendar view

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