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    Anders Thorssell

    Hi all,

    I have my calendar set up so it displays the events related to various projects (project=parent, event=child).

    Of course however, the calendar displays all events. When I’m looking at a project and open the calendar I only want to see those events that are related to that particular project.

    I’m pretty sure this is possible with some kind of filtering and/or something else…

    Any help or suggestions are highly appreciated.

    Kinds regards,

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    Yes – you need to add filter to the URL in your web viewer. The format is “&fieldname=value”. So for your example, you’ll probably have a foreign key field in every event that holds the project key. Let’s assume it’s called “zk_F_Project”.

    1. Make sure the foreign key field, zk_F_Project, is on the layout defined in your soSIMPLE data source.
    2. Typically, you’d put the web viewer holding the calendar on a layout in the Project table occurrence.
    3. If the primary key field on your Project table is “zk_P_Project”, you would add to the end of your web viewer calculation:
      & “&zk_F_Project=” & Project::zk_P_Project

    This will filter your calendar to show only events where zk_F_Project matches the primary key in your projects table. Of course, you should replace the field & table names to match your own.

    See this page for more details:

    Server-Powered Quick Filter (URL Filtering)

    We also have an extensive YouTube video on filtering. You can see that here (note the table of contents in the description):

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