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    Mattias Jarlstedt

    I installed the files on a Windows 2012 Server.

    The calendar preview window is empty. I try load the file /sosimple/sosimple_cal.php.

    It says:
    Cache Test: Your cache file is writeable
    FileMaker Class test:

    and nothing more. I remember that the last time I installed the another server it said:
    Cache Test: Your cache file is writeable
    FileMaker Class test: True
    Testing Connectivity:
    FileMaker class file is working
    Can access FMS at localhost
    Can access “soSIMPLE Calendar Settings” at localhost
    Selected PHP method.

    When I use Google Crome and inspect the console I have got Error 500.

    What can be wrong?

    // Mattias Mattias

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    Your FileMaker PHP class file is missing from the server where you installed the soSIMPLE pages.

    When you install soSIMPLE on a separate server from FMS, you need to also include the “Standalone PHP Class” file that FileMaker provides when you install Server ( If you are on a third-party host, they can provide it for you. The class consists of a file (“FileMaker.php”) and a folder (“FileMaker”). Both of those can just be put into the soSIMPLE folder.

    You can also grab a copy here, which has been cleaned up for PHP7. I believe that the latest version, though labeled 15, works with FMS17.


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