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    Premium System AB

    We want to give our users a mobile view of their bookings. We experimented with the mobile view and it looks great!

    This will be a read-only view if the calendar and I woul like to know: Is there a way to remove the add and edit-buttons on the list and detail-view? Tried setting the calendar to “read only” but that was not enough…

    Also, on double click in the window the iphone zooms in, but it doesn´t on android. Is this some extra ios-behaviour? Do you know if I can turn that off?

    We are running v3.8 right now. It seems that there is more mobile layout work done in 3.9.


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    To hide the “+” button, add the following to your Custom CSS:

    .webix_view.webix_control.webix_el_button.add {

    display: none !important;


    The edit button has no such unique ID – we’ll either have to write custom code for this, or find a unique CSS path.

    The latest version of soSIMPLE includes newer code for the mobile portion. You can test it here, before you upgrade. Let us know if it fixes the double-click issue.

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