Multi-Server or Hosted Environments

soSIMPLE Calendar can be used in any environment that can support PHP hosting. If you have anything other than a single-machine installation, you’ll need to know the  IP addresses of the machines involved:

  • Shared Hosted Environment
    • you are renting space from a FileMaker Server Provider, along with other FileMaker users
    • Typically, providers will use two-machine installation or standalone web hosting
    • Please ask your provider for their configuration, and the IP addresses for that configuration.
  • Single-machine Installation
    • FileMaker Database Server, FileMaker Web Publishing Engine, and Web Host are all the same server and the same IP address.
    • Single IP address, no modifications to soSIMPLE files or default settings
    • This documentation page does not apply to you.
  • Two-machine Installation
    • FileMaker Database Server is on a separate machine from FileMaker Web Publishing Engine and Web Hosting
    • Two IP addresses
      • FileMaker Database Server (MASTER) IP address and
      • FileMaker Web Publishing Engine (WPE) IP address
  • Standalone web hosting
    • Web host being used is separate from Single-machine, or Two-machine installations.
      • FileMaker Database Server (MASTER) IP address
      • FileMaker Web Publishing Engine (WPE) IP address, if it’s different from the Database Server (MASTER)
      • Standalone Web Server (WEB) IP address
      • In this configuration, the standalone FileMaker PHP class file and its related folder must be copied into the same folder as sosimple_cal.php, or be in the PHP path configuration for that web server.


Given these three options, there are up to three machines involved, each potentially with their own IP address

  • FileMaker Database Server (MASTER) IP address:
    • the IP address you use when you open FileMaker using “Open Remote…”
  • FileMaker Web Publishing Engine (WPE) IP address:
    • the IP address used to query FileMaker data from PHP or xml.
    • Determined when you deployed the FileMaker Worker Machine.
    • Usually, but not always, this is the same as the MASTER IP address.
  • Web Server (WEB) IP address:
    • the IP address where you access your web pages


These are the places you MAY need to change your default settings in a multiple server configuration:

  1. /sosimple/config.php
    • The $host setting should point to the WPE.
    • The $database setting can also be changed if you changed the name of the soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.fmp12 file
  2.  soSIMPLE Calendar Settings > “URL to PHP page”
    • You can change this path to the WEB address
    • This should be set to the location of the sosimple_cal.php page
    • You can access this setting when an error occurs when opening soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, or by clicking the gear icon right below the list of calendars.
    • The default is the path to that file on the current machine.
    • If that folder is nested differently than the default (/sosimple/sosimple_cal.php), you can change it to whatever path you’ve stored your files.
  3.  soSIMPLE Calendar Settings > Data Source > FileMaker Server
    • This should be set to to the WPE
    • The default is “single server”, which indicates that WPE, WEB, and MASTER are all the same IP address
    • You can access this setting by choosing your calendar, and clicking “Edit” next to the Data Source
  4.  Custom JS for scriptHost
    • In the unusual circumstance where all three IP addresses are different, you may have to add the following code snippet to your Options
    • Replace “xxx” with the MASTER ip address.
    • Leave the single quotes, the camelCase, and the semi-colon in place.
    • You can access this setting by choosing your calendar, and clicking “Edit” next to the Options. Paste this code into the very last field, called “Custom JS”

If you have any problems with a custom installation, please contact us.