Instructions for integrating soSIMPLE Calendar is presented as an easy to follow tutorial for both Standalone & Server-Powered. Please take a look here first:

Five Minute Integration (standalone)

Five Minute Integration (server-powered)



1. Install server-side components
  • Upload provided databases to your FileMaker Server (soSIMPLE Calendar Settings is always required, whether your using our provided calendar, or rolling your own).
  • Install PHP web publishing component on FileMaker Server.
  • Install provided PHP pages into the correct folder.
  • Set up privilege set in your solution with PHP extended privilege.
2. Data fields layout

Create a layout in your solution with the fields you reference on the calendar.

  • For now you just need to put the required fields:
    • Date, Time Start, Time End, Description
  • As you expand your calendar, you should add any fields here that:
    • are in your Data Source setup
    • that you use in URL filtering
  • If you’re using resources in a server-powered calendar, you MUST set your resource field on this layout to display a value list (using dropdown menu, checkbox, etc.,)
3. Data Source setup

Create a new data source in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings, mapping calendar fields to the correct fields in your file.

  • You don’t need to map all the fields. In fact, we recommend just starting with the required fields your first time around.
  • The default action script is preselected as “soSIMPLE Action Script.” You’ll get an error since you haven’t copied this script to your file yet. You can ignore the error for now.
4. Copy the export field to your events table
  • Click “Use in FileMaker Pro” then “Copy Export Field”
  • Go to “Manage Database” in your solution, and paste the field into your events table.
  • The export field will be pre-populated with the mapped fields in your solution.
  • Review and confirm the mapped fields.
5. Copy the scripts to your solution.
  • Click “Use in FileMaker Pro”, then “Copy Scripts.”
  • Go to “Manage Scripts” in your solution and paste the scripts folder into your list of scripts.
  • The scripts will be pre-populated with the Calendar ID (in the startup script) and the mapped fields (in the action script).
6. Fine tune the look & features of your calendar in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings window.
7. Copy the Web Viewer layout object to your solution
  • Click “Use in FileMaker Pro” then “Copy Layout Object.”
  • Create a blank layout in your solution and paste the calendar web viewer onto your new layout.
  • The web viewer object is pre-populated with the Calendar URL for server-powered calendars.
  • The web viewer is also named “web_calendar” and anchors are set to all four sides.
8. Fine tune the layouts and scripts in your solution.
  • You can also come back make changes to any settings in soSIMPLE Calendar Settings.
  • If you make any Data Source setting changes, make sure to copy the variable steps to the top of the action script (Click “Use in FileMaker Pro” then “Re-copy just variable steps”).
  • If you make Data Source setting changes to your standalone calendar, you should also copy the calculation for your Export field. (Click “Use in FileMaker Pro” then “Re-copy just the calculation”).